A total of 12 stadiums will be used to host the 2014 World Cup in Brazil during June & July in South America.

brazil-stadium Brazil will play Croatia in the opening match of the 2014 World Cup on Thursday 12th June 2014  at Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, which equates to June 13th Australian AEST time.

The 2014 World Cup Final is scheduled to be played on Sunday 13th July 2014 at Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro in front of a world wide viewing audience, and for Australians it is July 14 AEST time).

The Third Place play-off will take place one day before the Final on July 12th 2014 at Estadio Nacional in Brasilia which is July 13 Australian AEST time.

Below are the stadiums being used for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Stadium: Estadio do Maracana
Capacity: 78,000

Group F – Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group B – Spain vs Chile
Group H – Belgium vs Russia
Group E – Ecuador vs France
Round of 16 (1C vs 2D)
Finals: Quarter-final (W53 vs W54) and Final (W61 vs W62)

Sao Paulo

Stadium: Arena de Sao Paulo
Capacity: 65,807

Group A – Brazil v Croatia (opening match)
Group D – Uruguay vs England
Group B – Netherlands vs Chile
Group H – Korea Republic vs Belgium
Round of 16 (1F vs 2E)
Finals: Semi-final (W59 vs W60)

Belo Horizonte

Stadium: Estadio Mineirao
Capacity: 62,547

Group C – Colombia vs Greece
Group H – Belgium vs Algeria
Group F – Argentina vs Iran
Group D – Costa Rica vs England
Round of 16 (1A v 2B)
Finals: Semi-final (W57 v W58)


Stadium: Estadio Nacional de Brasilia
Capacity: 68,009

Group E – Switzerland vs Ecuador
Group C – Colombia vs Ivory Coast
Group A – Cameroon vs Brazil
Group G – Portugal vs Ghana
Round of 16 (1E vs 2F)
Finals: Quarter-final (W55 vs W56) and Third place (L61 v L62)


Stadiuim: Estadio Castelao
Capacity: 64,846

Group D – Uruguay vs Costa Rica
Group A – Brazil vs Mexico
Group G – Germany vs Ghana
Group C – Greece vs Ivory Coast
Round of 16 (1B vs 2A)
Finals: Quarter-final (W49 vs W50)


Stadium: Arena Fonte Nova
Capacity: 52,048

Group B – Spain vs Netherlands
Group G – Germany vs Portugal
Group E – Switzerland vs France
Group F – Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran
Round of 16 (1H vs 2G)
Finals: Quarter-final (W51 vs W52)

Porto Alegre

Stadium: Estadio Beira-Rio
Capacity: 50,287

Group E – France vs Honduras
Group B – Australia vs Netherlands
Group H – Korea Republic vs Algeria
Group F – Nigeria vs Argentina
Round of 16 (1G vs 2H)


Stadium: Arena Pernambuco
Capacity: 44,248

Group C – Ivory Coast vs Japan
Group D – Italy vs Costa Rica
Group A – Croatia vs Mexico
Group G – USA vs Germany
Round of 16 (1F vs 2E)


Stadium: Arena Amazonia
Capacity: 42,374

Group D – England vs Italy
Group A – Cameroon vs Croatia
Group G – USA vs Portugal
Group E – Honduras vs Switzerland


Stadium: Arena Pantanal
Capacity: 42,968

Group B – Chile vs Australia
Group H – Russia vs Korea Republic
Group F – Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group C – Japan vs Colombia


Stadium: Estadio das Dunas
Capacity: 42,086

Group A – Mexico vs Cameroon
Group G – Ghana vs USA
Group C – Japan vs Greece
Group D – Italy vs Uruguay


Stadium: Arena da Baixada
Capacity: 41,456

Group F – Iran vs Nigeria
Group E – Honduras vs Ecuador
Group B – Australia vs Spain
Group H – Algeria vs Russia

2014 World Cup Fixtures

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