2018 World Cup Draw

2018 world cup drawThe 2018 World Cup soccer tournament will take place from Thursday 14th June through until Sunday 15th July 2018 in Russia.

For Australians, the tournament kicks off on Friday 15th June with the 2018 World Cup Final on Monday 16th July.

This will be the 21st staging of the world’s biggest football event and features 32 footballing nations spanning across the globe.

The most successful nation in World Cup history is Brazil with 5 wins of soccer’s most famous trophy.

Italy and Germany have each won the title 4 times, while Uruguay and Argentina have two, with England, France and Spain one each.

Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 to win the 2014 World Cup, and four years earlier Spain overcame the Netherlands 1-0 to capture the 2010 World Cup.

Competing 2018 World Cup teams stretch across the globe and include nations from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America, North and Central America and the Caribbean.

2018 World Cup Finals dates and venues

A total of 12 stadiums will be used to host the 2018 World Cup in Russia during June & July this year.

  • Semi-Final 1 – Saint Petersburg Stadium – July 11th 2018
  • Semi-Final 2 – Luzhiniki Stadium – July 12th 2018
  • Third place play-off – Saint Petersburg Stadium – July 15th 2018
  • 2018 World Cup Final – Luzhiniki Stadium – July 16th 2018

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2018 World Cup Fixtures

Below you will find the 2018 World Cup draw & match fixtures – All times AEST Melbourne time.

1 Fri Jun 15 A russia Russia vs Saudi Arabia saudi arabia Luzhniki 1am Bet now
2 Fri Jun 15 A egypt Egypt vs Uruguay uruguay Ekaterinburg 10pm Bet now
3 Sat Jun 16 B morocco Morocco vs Iran iran St Petersburg 1am Bet now
4 Sat Jun 16 B portugal Portugal vs Spain spain Sochi 4am Bet now
5 Sat Jun 16 C france France vs Australia australia Kazan 8pm Bet now
6 Sat Jun 16 D argentina Argentina vs Iceland iceland Spartak 11pm Bet now
7 Sun Jun 17 C peru Peru vs Denmark denmark Sransk 2am Bet now
8 Sun Jun 17 D croatia Croatia vs Nigeria nigeria Kaliningrad 5am Bet now
9 Sun Jun 17 E costa rica Costa Rica vs Serbia serbia Samara 10pm Bet now
10 Mon Jun 18 F germany Germany vs Mexico mexico Luzhniki 1am Bet now
11 Mon Jun 18 E brazil Brazil vs Switzerland switzerland Rostov-on-Don 4am Bet now
12 Mon Jun 18 F sweden Sweden vs South Korea south korea Nizhny 10pm Bet now
13 Tues Jun 19 G belgium Belgium vs Panama panama Sochi 1am Bet now
14 Tues Jun 19 G tunisia Tunisia vs England england Volgograd 4am Bet now
15 Tues Jun 19 H colombia Colombia vs Japan japan Saransk 10pm Bet now
16 Wed Jun 20 H poland Poland vs Senegal senegal Spartak 1am Bet now
17 Wed Jun 20 A russia Russia vs Egypt egypt St Petersburg 4am Bet now
18 Wed Jun 20 B portugal Portugal vs Morocco morocco Luzhniki 10pm Bet now
19 Thu Jun 21 A uruguay Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia russia Rostov-on-Don 1am Bet now
20 Thu Jun 21 B iran Iran vs Spain spain Kazan 4am Bet now
21 Thu Jun 21 C denmark Denmark vs Australia australia Samara 10pm Bet now
22 Fri Jun 22 C france France vs Peru peru Ekaterinburg 1am Bet now
23 Fri Jun 22 D argentina Argentina vs Croatia croatia Nizhny 4am Bet now
24 Fri Jun 22 E brazil Brazil vs Costa Rica costa rica St Petersburg 10pm Bet now
25 Sat Jun 23 D nigeria Nigeria vs Iceland iceland Volgograd 1am Bet now
26 Sat Jun 23 E serbia Serbia vs Switzerland switzerland Kaliningrad 4am Bet now
27 Sat Jun 23 G belgium Belgium vs Tunisia tunisia Spartak 10pm Bet now
28 Sun Jun 24 F south korea South Korea vs Mexico mexico Rostov-on-Don 1am Bet now
29 Sun Jun 24 F germany Germany vs Sweden sweden Sochi 4am Bet now
30 Sun Jun 24 G england England vs Panama panama Nizhny 10pm Bet now
31 Mon Jun 25 H japan Japan vs Senegal senegal Ekaterinburg 1am Bet now
32 Mon Jun 25 H poland Poland vs Colombia colombia Kazan 4am Bet now
33 Tues Jun 26 A uruguay Uruguay vs Russia russia Samara 12am Bet now
34 Tues Jun 26 A russia Saudi Arabia vs Egypt egypt Volgograd 12am Bet now
35 Tues Jun 26 B iran Iran vs Portugal portugal Saransk 4am Bet now
36 Tues Jun 26 B spain Spain vs Morocco morocco Kaliningrad 4am Bet now
37 Wed Jun 27 C denmark Denmark vs France france Luzhniki 12am Bet now
38 Wed Jun 27 C australia Australia vs Peru peru Sochi 12am Bet now
39 Wed Jun 27 D nigeria Nigeria vs Argentina argentina St Petersburg 4am Bet now
40 Tues Jun 26 D iceland Iceland vs Croatia croatia Rostov-on-Don 4am Bet now
41 Thu Jun 28 F south korea South Korea vs Germany germany Kazan 12am Bet now
42 Thu Jun 28 F mexico Mexico vs Sweden sweden Ekaterinburg 12am Bet now
43 Thu Jun 28 E serbia Serbia vs Brazil brazil Spartak 4am Bet now
44 Thu Jun 28 E switzerland Switzerland vs Costa Rica costa rica Nizhny 4am Bet now
45 Fri Jun 29 H japan Japan vs Poland poland Volgograd 12am Bet now
46 Fri Jun 29 H senegal Senegal vs Colombia colombia Samara 12am Bet now
47 Fri Jun 29 G england England vs Belgium belgium Kaliningrad 4am Bet now
48 Fri Jun 29 G panama Panama vs Tunisia tunisia Saransk 4am Bet now

2014 World Cup Finals Draw

Once the Group Stages are complete the top two teams in each group play the top two teams of another group and any losers face immediate knockout from the tournament.

Round of 16

1 Sun 01 Jul Group C Winner vs Group D Runner-up 12am Kazan
2 Sun 01 Jul Group A Winner vs Group B Runner-up 4am Fisht
3 Mon 02 Jul Group B Winner vs Group A Runner-up 12am Lushniki
4 Mon 02 Jul Group D Winner vs Group C Runner-up 4am Nizhny
5 Tue 03 Jul Group E Winner vs Group F Runner-up 12am Samara
6 Tue 03 Jul Group G Winner vs Group H Runner-up 4am Rostov
7 Wed 04 Jul Group F Winner vs Group E Runner-up 12am St Petersburg
8 Wed 04 Jul Group H Winner vs Group G Runner-up 4am Spartak

Quarter Finals

QF1 Sat 7th Jul Winner 1 vs Winner 2 12am Kazan
QF2 Sat 7th Jul Winner 5 vs Winner 6 4am Kazan
QF3 Sun 8th Jul Winner 7 vs Winner 8 12am Samara
QF4 Sun 8th Jul Winner 3 vs Winner 4 4am Fisht

Semi Finals

SF1 Wed 11th Jul QF Winner 1 vs QF Winner 2 4am St Petersburg
SF2 Thu 12th Jul QF Winner 3 vs QF Winner 4 4am Lushniki

Third Place Play-Off

PO Sun 15th Jul SF Loser 1 vs SF Loser 1 12am St Petersburg

2018 World Cup Final

Final Mon 16th Jul SF Winner 1 vs SF Winner 1 12am Lushniki

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