France Striker Nicolas Anelka sent home in disgrace

France’s World Cup campaign has sank even lower with tempestuous striker Nicolas Anelka being sent home from the tournament.

Often referred to as ‘Les Sook, Anelka was sacked from the team when he refused to apologise to French coach Raymond Domenech after abusing him at half-time during the clash with Mexico.

Anelka never made it to training yesterday and his outburst came after being substituted at half-time against Mexico in their Group A clash.

When asked to apologise by French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes, Anelka refused and was asked to leave the squad.

Domenech has been a big supporter of Anelka and had revitalised the Chelsea forwards International career.

Thierry Henry is likely to step up in Anelka’s place for the next France next game against South Africa.

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