Chile too classy in 1-0 win over Honduras

Chile proved too classy for a gallant Honduras side when they scored a 1-0 win in their Group H match of the 2010 World Cup at Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

Jean Beausejour put Chile in front at the 34th minute when he managed to put the ball in the net after Chile completely controlled the game.

Chile played with plenty of skill and arguably provided some of the best football of the World Cup to date as they were constantly on the attack and their movement of the ball was precision personified.

First Half
Chile played with purpose and intent in the first half and they went forward with a fluency that regularly found them looking likely to score.

The Chileans ran in numbers and the few times Honduras went forward they found themselves being quickly harrassed by a well organised Chilean defence.

After a number of enterprising forays forward Chile hit the lead on 34 minutes when Jean Beausejour was in the right place at the right time to be on the end of a Mauricio Isla effort to see the ball go in and give Chile the lead.

Chile led at half-time by 1-0 after controlling the game.

First half rating (Out of 5): Honduras 2 – Chile 4.5

Second Half
Chile again dominated most of the second half and their midfielders ably supported their team mates down back to halt Honduras whenever they went forward.

To Honduras credit they lifted their intensity in the last 15 minutes to create a couple of half chances and provide a better contest, but they were never going to seriously get on the score sheet.

Not sure how Chile did not get another goal as they moved the ball in sublime fashion and were relentless in their attack.

A quality display by Chile sees them finish with a 1-0 win which could have easily been more.

Second Half rating (Out of 5): Honduras 2.5 – Chile 4

Final Score

Honduras 0 – 1 Chile

34m Jean Beausejour (Chi)

5m Carlos Carmona (Chi)
19m Matias Fernandez (Chi)
33m Wilson Palacios (Hon)

Honduras Starting 11
Noel Valladares, Sergio Mendoza, Osman Chavez, Maynor Figueroa, Emilio Izaguirre, Amado Guevara, Wilson Palacios, Edgar Alvarez, Ramon Nunez, Roger Espinoza, Carlos Pavon

60m George Welcome for Carlos Pavon
66m Hendry Thomas for Amado Guevara
78m Walter Martinez for Ramon Nunez

Chile Starting 11
Claudio Bravo, Mauricio Isla, Gary Medel, Waldo Ponce, Arturo Vidal, Rodrigo Millar, Carlos Carmona, Matias Fernandez, Alexis Sanchez, Jorge Valdivia, Jean Beausejour

52m Gonzalo Jara for Rodrigo Millar
81m Pablo Contreras for Arturo Vidal
87m Mark Gonzalez for Jorge Valdivia

Team Game Rating (out of 10): Honduras 4.5 – Chile 8.5

Match Thoughts

Entertaining match largely due to Chile playing such an attacking game in one of the better matches of the tournament.

Honduras defended fairly as best they could against a relentess opposition but the Hondurans never really looked like scoring a goal. When they went forward they had little support and players were not prepared to overlap to create more options.

On today’s game Honduras are making up the numbers and while they are not easy beats, they will be lucky to get a point in this group.

Chile played quality football and passed the ball through the middle in exciting fashion at times. The pace of their midfield and players like Sanchez up front gives them plenty of options moving forward.

One of the better teams to grace the field this tournament and Chile can give Spain a run for their money on that effort.

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