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Asian Handicap Betting is a very popular bet type at the World Cup that gives smart punters a better chance of winning than taking normal fixed betting odds on soccer matches.

If you are unfamiliar with the workings of the Asian Handicap then we have an explanation here thanks to leading Australian bookmaker IASbet.

Asian Handicap originated in Asia and today is the most common choice of betting by punters on soccer all over the world.

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Asian Handicaps are the smart way to bet on soccer

  • You have a 50% better chance of winning than with traditional odds
  • You bet on only two outcomes, the home or away team, the draw is eliminated
  • You will get more frequent returns from your stakes
  • You can win your bet even if your team draws or loses the match
  • IASbet has the largest selection of Asian H’cap and Live Asian H’cap markets in the world

The Handicap
The handicap is given in an attempt to make the two teams equal for betting purposes. The Handicap is given as head start to the underdog, so they have a virtual lead in the game. For example with 1/2 goal (0.5), 1 goal (1), etc. For betting purposes, the winning team is decided on the final score, after 90 minutes (normal time) after taking the handicap into account.

There are two types of Asian Handicaps;

Single handicaps and Split (Double or Quarter) Handicaps.

The Favourite
The favourite has to overcome the indicated handicap, and will have it taken away from its final score. The handicap for the favourite is preceded by a minus (-).

The Underdog
As the underdog is given a head start, they will have the handicap added to its final score. The handicap for the underdog is indicated by a plus (+).

Single Handicap

Example: 0.5 ball handicap
The underdogs will start the game with a score of +0.5, which then means there can’t be a draw result when the handicap is included. The favourites have to win by at least 1 goal to win the bet, while bets on the underdog win with any other result.

Example: 0 ball handicap
If the two teams are evenly matched a 0 ball handicap would be offered. In this case you can bet on either team to win the match. If the match ends in a draw all bets are refunded.

Example: 1 ball handicap
The favourite will start the game with a score of -1 which then means, the favourite has to win by 2 or more goals to win the bet, while the bet will be refunded if the favourite only beat the underdogs by 1 goal. Conversely, the underdog will win the bet if only they win or draw the match, while the bets will be refunded if the favourite only beat the underdogs by 1 goal.

Please Note: you must either deduct the handicap from the favourite or add it to the underdogs final score – not both.

Split (Double or Quarter) Handicap

The best way to understand this type of handicap is to imagine you have two separate bets with your stake being split equally between the two handicaps, this can result in the following scenarios.

Full Win: Both bets win
Half Win: One bet wins and the other bet draws (stake returned)
Half Lose: One bet draws (stake returned) and the other bet loses
Full Loss: Both bets lose

Example: 0.5/1 ball handicap
With a handicap of 0.5/1, half your stake will be at a 0.5 ball handicap, and half at a 1 ball handicap.

Argentina (- 0.5/ -1) @ $1.95
Germany (+ 0.5/+1) @ $1.95

A stake of $100 on Argentina (-0.5, -1) means
$50 of your stake will go on Argentina ‘minus half a goal’ and, the other $50 will go on Argentina ‘minus one goal’. You do not need to place the two $50 stakes separately. This will be automatically recognised by our system when you place your $100 stake.

To work out your return
Simply calculate the return from each of the two separate $50 bets. Each bet is calculated in the same manner as a single ball handicap.

If Argentina win the match by one goal, the $50 stake at ‘minus half a goal’ is determined to be a winning bet, and the other half of the wager ($50 at ‘minus one goal’) is determined to be a refund.

You will win on your full $100 stake (both $50 bets) if Argentina win by 2 or more goals.

For more information on Asian Handicaps please visit IASbet website.

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