Soccer City Stadium – Johannesburg – South Africa

Soccer City Stadium is situated in the urban area of Soweto,  in the city of Johannesburg and is considered the jewel in crown of all the football stadiums in South Africa.

Formerly known as FBN Stadium, the ground will host the first & final matches of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and was built with the African calabash as its inspiration.

Specifically built for football, Soccer City Stadium can hold over 94,000 people and at this point in time is the biggest stadium in South Africa. Soccer City is home to the more important football matches this part of the world and also hosted the first mass rally of Nelson Mandela after his release from prison in 1990.

Making headlines for the wrong reasons in the early nineties, former leader of the South African Communist Party, Chris Hani was assassinated at the stadium in 1993.

Soccer City Stadium was given an upgrade for the 2010 World Cup and can now hold 94,700 fans. The stadium stadium design has an African pot appearance with a colourful ring of lights running around the outside bottom of the structure,  which gives the impression of flames underneath the pot.

Patrons have a close-up view of the action at Soccer City and spectators can watch a game in comfort without any restricted views.

Johannesburg is also home to another excellent ground which is Ellis Park Stadium. and it will be hosting group, round of 16, and quarter final matches.

Jun 12 South Africa vs. Mexico Johannesburg 12:00am Odds
Jun 14 Netherlands vs. Denmark Johannesburg 9:30pm Odds
Jun 17 Argentina vs. South Korea Johannesburg 9:30pm Odds
Jun 21 Brazil vs. Ivory Coast Johannesburg 4:30am Odds
Jun 24 Ghana vs. Germany Johannesburg 4:30am Odds
Jun 27 Round 16
July 02 Quarter Finals
July 11 World Cup FInal

Home to around 40% of Johannesburg’s population, The Soweto area is a football mad community and the well regarded Soccer City Stadium will be a hive of activity for locals during the 2010 World Cup finals.

Johannesburg is the business hub of South Africa and is also known as the City of Gold among the nation. It is home to two of the country’s most popular football teams and historical arch-rivals, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates

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