2014 World Cup Groups

A total of 32 countries will compete at the 2014 World Cup tournament which commences on June 12th in Brazil, South America.

The 32 teams will be split into eight groups of four teams with the top two sides from each group moving on to the second stage to contest the Round of 16 draw.

2014 World Cup Groups & Teams

Group A – Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon
Group B – Spain, Holland, Chile, Australia
Group C – Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan
Group D – Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy
Group E – Switzerland, France, Ecuador, Honduras
Group F – Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria
Group G – Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA
Group H – Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

2014 World Cup Round of 16 Draw

Each winner from the Round of 16 draw will move on to the Quarter Finals to play for a spot in the 2014 World Cup Semi Finals.

1st (Group A) vs 2nd (Group B) Sat 28 Jun14 Belo Horizonte (Match 49)
1st (Group C) vs 2nd (Group D) Sat 28 Jun14 Rio De Janeiro (Match 50)
1st (Group B) vs 2nd (Group A) Sun 29 Jun14 Fortaleza (Match 51)
1st (Group D) vs 2nd (Group C) Sun 29 Jun14 Recife (Match 52)
1st (Group E) vs 2nd (Group F) Mon 30 Jun14 Brasilia (Match 53)
1st (Group G) vs 2nd (Group H) Mon 30 Jun14 Porto Alegre (Match 54)
1st (Group F) vs 2nd (Group E) Tue 01 Jul14 Sao Paulo (Match 55)
1st (Group H) vs 2nd (Group G) Tue 01 Jul14 Salvador (Match 56)

2014 World Cup Quarter Finals Draw

The four Quarter Final winners will compete in two Semi Finals for the right to play off in the 2014 World Cup.

Winner Match 49 – Winner Match 50 Fri 04 Jul14 Fortaleza (Match 57)
Winner Match 53 – Winner Match 54 Fri 04 Jul14 Rio De Janeiro (Match 58)
Winner Match 51 – Winner Match 52 Sat 05 Jul14 Salvador (Match 59)
Winner Match 55 – Winner Match 56 Sat 05 Jul14 Brasilia (Match 60)

2014 World Cup Semi Finals Draw

The two Semi Final winners will contest the 2014 World Cup Final on the last day of the tournament, while the two losing teams will compete in the Play-Off for Third Place prior to the final.

Winner Match 57 – Winner Match 58 Tue 08 Jul14 Belo Horizonte (Match 61)
Winner Match 59 – Winner Match 60 Wed 09 Jul14 Sao Paulo (Match 62)

2014 World Cup Play-Off for Third Place Draw

Loser Match 61 vs Loser Match 62 Sat 12 Jul14 Brasilia (Match 63)

2014 World Cup Final draw

Winner Match 61 – Winner Match 62 Sun 13 Jul14 Rio De Janeiro (Match 64)