2014 World Cup Draw

The 2014 World Cup soccer tournament will take place from Thursday 12th June through until Sunday 13th July 2014 in Brazil, South America.

This will be the 20th World Cup event being staged and features 32 footballing nations spanning across the globe.

The most successful nation in World Cup history is Brazil with 5 wins of soccer’s most famous trophy. The Italians have won the title 4 times while Germany has three, Uruguay and Argentina two, with England and France one each.

Spain defeating the Netherlands to win the 2010 World Cup and a review can be found here.

Competing teams for the 2014 World Cup stretch across the globe and include nations from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America,  North and Central America and Caribbean.

2014 World Cup Finals dates and venues

A total of 12 stadiums will be used to host the 2014 World Cup in Brazil during June & July in South America.

  • Semi-Final 1 – Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte – July 9th 2014
  • Semi-Final 2 - Arena de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo – July 10th 2014
  • Third place play-off - Estadio Nacional, Brasilia – July 13th 2014
  • 2014 World Cup Final – Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro – July 14th 2014

Visit our 2014 World Cup Stadiums page for more information on Brazil World Cup venues.

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2014 World Cup Fixtures

Below you will find the 2014 World Cup draw & match fixtures – All times AEST Melbourne time.

1 Fri 13 Jun A brazil Brazil vs Croatia 6am Sao Paulo Bet now
2 Sat 14 Jun A Mexico vs Cameroon 2am Natal Bet now
3 Sat 14 Jun B Spain vs Netherlands 5am Salvador Bet now
4 Sat 14 Jun B Australia vs Chile 7am Cuiaba Bet now
5 Sun 15 Jun C Colombia vs Greece 2am Belo Horizonte Bet now
6 Sun 15 Jun C Ivory Coast vs Japan 11am Recife Bet now
7 Sun 15 Jun D Uruguay vs Costa Rica 5am Fortaleza Bet now
8 Sun 15 Jun D England vs Italy 8am Manaus Bet now
9 Mon 16 Jun E Switzerland vs Ecuador 2am Brasilia Bet now
10 Mon 16 Jun E France vs Honduras 5am Porto Alegre Bet now
11 Mon 16 Jun F Argentina vs Bosnia 8am Rio de Janeiro Bet now
12 Tue 17 Jun F Iran vs Nigeria 5am Curitiba Bet now
13 Tue 17 Jun G Germany vs Portugal 2am Salvador Bet now
14 Tue 17 Jun G Ghana vs United States 8am Natal Bet now
15 Wed 18 Jun A brazil Brazil vs Mexico 5am Fortaleza Bet now
16 Wed 18 Jun H Belgium vs Algeria 2am Belo Horizonte Bet now
17 Wed 18 Jun H Russia vs South Korea 8am Cuiaba Bet now
18 Thu 19 Jun A Cameroon vs Croatia 5am Manaus Bet now
19 Thu 19 Jun B Spain vs Chile 5am Rio de Janeiro Bet now
20 Thu 19 Jun B Netherlands vs Australia 2am Port Alegre Bet now
21 Fri 20 Jun C Colombia vs Ivory Coast 2am Brasilia Bet now
22 Fri 20 Jun C Japan vs Greece 8am Natal Bet now
23 Fri 20 Jun D Uruguay vs England 5am Sao Paulo Bet now
24 Sat 21 Jun D Italy vs Costa Rica 2am Recife Bet now
25 Sat 21 Jun E Switzerland vs France 5am Salvador Bet now
26 Sat 21 Jun E Honduras vs Ecuador 8am Curitiba Bet now
27 Sun 22 Jun F Argentina vs Iran 2am Belo Horizonte Bet now
28 Sun 22 Jun F Nigeria vs Bosnia 8am Cuiaba Bet now
29 Sun 22 Jun G Germany vs Ghana 5am Fortaleza Bet now
30 Mon 23 Jun G United States vs Portugal 5am Manaus Bet now
31 Mon 23 Jun H Belgium vs Russia 8am Rio de Janeiro Bet now
32 Mon 23 Jun H South Korea vs Algeria 2am Porto Alegre Bet now
33 Tue 24 Jun A Cameroon vs Brazil brazil 6am Brasilia Bet now
34 Tue 24 Jun A Croatia vs Mexico 6am Recife Bet now
35 Tue 24 Jun B Australia vs Spain 2am Curitiba Bet now
36 Tue 24 Jun B Chile vs Netherlands 2am Sao Paulo Bet now
37 Wed 25 Jun C Japan vs Colombia 6am Cuiaba Bet now
38 Wed 25 Jun C Greece vs Ivory Coast 6am Fortaleza Bet now
39 Wed 25 Jun D Italy vs Uruguay 2am Natal Bet now
40 Wed 25 Jun D Costa Rica vs England 2am Belo Horizonte Bet now
41 Thu 26 Jun E Honduras vs Switzerland 6am Manaus Bet now
42 Thu 26 Jun E Ecuador vs France 6am Rio de Janeiro Bet now
43 Thu 26 Jun F Nigeria vs Argentina 2am Porto Alegre Bet now
44 Thu 26 Jun F Bosnia vs Iran 2am Salvador Bet now
45 Fri 27 Jun G United States vs Germany 2am Recife Bet now
46 Fri 27 Jun G Portugal vs Ghana 2am Brasilia Bet now
47 Fri 27 Jun H South Korea vs Belgium 6am Sao Paulo Bet now
48 Fri 27 Jun H Algeria vs Russia 6am Curitiba Bet now

2014 World Cup Finals Fixtures

Once the Group Stages are complete the top two teams in each group play the top two teams of another group and any losers face immediate knockout from the tournament.

Round of 16

49 Sun 29 Jun Winners of Group A 2am Runners-up of Group B
50 Sun 29 Jun Winners of Group C 5am Runners-up of Group D
51 Mon 30 Jun Winners of Group D 6am Runners-up of Group C
52 Mon 30 Jun Winners of Group B 2am Runners-up of Group A
53 Tue 1st Jul Winners of Group E 2am Runners-up of Group F
54 Tue 1st Jul Winners of Group G 6am Runners-up of Group H
55 Wed 2nd Jul Winners of Group F 2am Runners-up of Group E
56 Wed 2nd Jul Winners of Group H 6am Runners-up of Group G

Quarter Finals

57 Sat 5th Jul Winners of Match 53 2am Winners of Match 54
58 Sat 5th Jul Winners of Match 49 6am Winners of Match 50
59 Sun 6th Jul Winners of Match 52 2am Winners of Match 51
60 Sun 6th Jul Winners of Match 55 6am Winners of Match 56

Semi Finals

61 Wed 9th Jul Winners of Match 57 6am Winners of Match 58
62 Thu 10th Jul Winners of Match 59 6am Winners of Match 60

Third Place Play-Off

63 Sun 13th Jul Losers of Match 61 6am Losers of Match 62

2014 World Cup Final

64 Mon 14th Jul Winners of Match 61 6am Winners of Match 62

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